The Thornbury Community is a great place to live and explore in the Blue Mountains. Come discover the heart of the Blue Mountains Ontario.

“I moved to Thornbury, Ontario nearly ten years ago from the UK. I tell people, I’d never go back. Thornbury has it all.” – Matthew Lidbetter

Thornbury Community

There are a lot of great places to live and explore in the Blue Mountains, but one very fascinating and super cool place to see is right here in Thornbury, Ontario. Thornbury is a place you need to be if you love to enjoy the beauty of nature, to relax or to spend some time shopping at unique local businesses.

Thornbury is the business centre of the Town of the Blue Mountains, and a place for excellent boutique shopping and dining at several good restaurants, pubs, and patios. It is also a neighbouring town to several beautiful places such as the Beaver River (which flows through Thornbury), Georgian Bay, and Clarksburg, which is known so well for its collection of art galleries.

Thornbury is a 4-season destination, having numerous top restaurants which serve both local and international dishes, it is a place where opportunities abound, and where there’s something for everyone. The Thornbury community is also 10 minutes from the province of Ontario’s only year-round resort and spa – The Blue Mountains.


The Georgian Trail

The Georgian Trail is a 34-kilometer trail that has been around since 1989, running from Collingwood, through Thornbury, and down to Meaford. It is a perfect trail for cycling and taking pets for a walk. So the next time you want to include cycling in your portfolio, you don’t have to bother when choosing Thornbury, you got the right trail, and more to it, you can bring your pets too.

There is also an opportunity to stop, rest and enjoy the great outdoors, and to swim during the summer. The towns and villages along the trail offer great opportunities to shop, eat, browse or just relax.

Thornbury Real Estate

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