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Art is a movement of intentional expression known in virtually every human culture. It’s endowed with an aesthetic power that allows us to transcend our everyday lives. Art is representational, or mimetic, of ourselves and our environments.

It is a manifestation of the artist’s perception of her social, cultural, or natural environment. It is sometimes said that artists produce sensory experiences that mirror the deepest metaphysical truths.

A sensory experience

It has also been said that art is a medium of sensation that produces the deepest understanding of ourselves. This is achieved through a process called rhetorical ellipsis, an interactive experience that relies on the audience to fill in missing information. The result is a reflex that emphasizes the missing unit, conveying the artists message with elegance.

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Collingwood artists work in many different mediums including log homes

The local aesthetic

Aesthetics or art? The former may be defined as an enduring strikingness in character and quality; the latter by it’s ability to evoke sensation within a cultural framework.

South Georgian Bay is home to a large community of artists and galleries. In this area, the landscape and setting contribute the creative spirit of local artisans so aesthetics are partly about the way we see things. Our special viewpoint is a real asset in how we live, work, and contribute to our communities. Art gives context to our rich history and momentum for audacious future plans. In many ways, our aesthetic viewpoint functions as a way-finder in a busy world.

Collingwood artists contribute to the liveability of our region through a lifestyle aesthetic. When people find a place they love and can express themselves, they call it home. A sense of community and like-mindedness create a social environment that seems to make everything a little easier and safer.

In Collingwood and South Georgian Bay, we measure livability by how smart we are growing and how the lives of people in the community are enhanced by that growth. Our region is positioned to grow on the principles of enhanced economic competitiveness, the promotion of unique and sustainable communities, and a strong social safety net.

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