It begins with a farmer’s market

The connection between farmer and consumer is an essential part of our community and our well-being. Local farm markets are a source of fresh ingredients and a social connection with the people that produce the food we eat. Movements such as ‘eat local’ and ‘support farmers’ increase awareness of the need for local, sustainable food.

This has a positive effect on the health and wellness of our communities. Families with access to a farmer’s market eat about 50% more fruits and vegetables, contributing to a diet for vigour and fitness. As markets proliferate, more people become involved. Live music, cooking demonstrations, gardening tips, and educational opportunities appear more frequently alongside the freshest produce available.

And community development

Increasingly, farmer’s markets are making serious contributions to communities as centrepieces for economic development. Farmers who sell at markets get to keep 400% more profit compared to selling wholesale. They also employ four times the number of employees per $1 million in revenue. In addition, shops and services near farmer’s markets continue to have increased foot traffic and sales.

Farmer’s markets benefit the whole community. You can support your local market by making it the first choice for fresh produce. Tell your friends and neighbours about the benefits of the market, including heirloom products and the selection of organics. If you have a small business, ask the market manager how you can help strengthen their standing in the community.

South Georgian Bay farmer's markets are open for business
Farmer's markets in Collingwood, Meaford, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury

For a healthy community

Equality, a strong economy, education, and a sustainable eco-system are the foundations of a healthy community. Farmer’s markets contribute to these essentials by using locally-grown food to leverage jobs and access to opportunities for growth. When you purchase from a farmer’s market, you’re making a direct and sustainable contribution to the vigour of your own community.

Increasingly, social awareness of our environment is influencing how we buy, cook, and eat food. We’re resetting the table to reflect the cultural and economic realities of our time. Eating for wellness has evolved from the counter-culture to become a high priority for the mainstream.

The ideals of the natural foods movement of the 1970s have become the new minimum standard for dietary health. Increasingly, we’re seeking organic and specialty products that aren’t available in grocery stores. This trend will continue to gather momentum as more people choose to shop locally.

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