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Each day, homes are listed on MLS that represent an opportunity for certain home buyers. They may have extra value or special features that need your expertise to unlock value and equity. These are the houses for sale that make real estate professionals stop and have a second look. Join our newsletter and receive new listings before they appear on MLS.

Are you just getting started in the property market and need a mortgage helper? A basement suite or an in-law apartment is a great way to generate extra income. Some properties already have additional accommodation built while others have potential for a garden suite or studio apartment. Rent to long-term tenants or to short-stay visitors during ski season.

Perhaps you’re on a tight budget and want to invest some sweat equity to fix-up an older house. Houses for sale that are in need of renovating are one of the best ways to acquire a property at a small discount. With some careful planning, you may realize an increase in the market value of your home. It’s also a great opportunity to choose paint, flooring, and more to suit your personal style. Ask us about receiving extra money with your home loan for renovations.

Creative seller financing offers buyers an alternative to traditional bank mortgages. Some properties, such as co-ops or cottages on leased land, represent tremendous value if financing can be arranged. Sometimes motivated owners of unique or hard-to-sell properties will offer a vendor take-back loan that can make qualifying for a bank loan possible. Need down payment assistance?

Foreclosures, while unfortunate, are sometimes listed for sale in our area and may represent a compelling opportunity for those who don’t mind navigating the court requirements and waiting periods. We understand the approval process and would appreciate the opportunity to help you purchase a foreclosure or bank sale property.

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Houses for sale in Collingwood and Blue Mountains: foreclosures, creative financing, cosmetic renovations

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