Land for sale is a good investment, especially if you’re considering building your own home or developing it as a cottage property. Raw land appreciates at a different rate than a fully developed property with a house on it. This means that the smart owner-builder can take advantage of pricing differences in the market in order to increase the equity, or the amount of ownership, in their finished home.

For owner-builders

Building your own home is straightforward if you have good credit and time to oversee the project. The actual design and construction is handled by a custom home builder. The design phase is an opportunity to create the home of your dreams. By purchasing your own land and contracting a builder, you can save a significant amount of money on the initial cost.

With free equity

While nothing is truly free, you can increase the value of your property beyond the cost of the land and the building by choosing the owner-builder route. There is an investment of time, and you’ll have to be flexible at times, but these are rewarded with equity. This means you’ll own a greater percentage of the finished property compared to buying on spec or resale house.

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For sale $559,000
N/A MCINTYRE Street, north bay, Ontario

N/a Mcintyre Street

North Bay, Ontario

For sale $499,900
LOT 19, 75 WINDERMERE Circle, midland, Ontario
For sale $4,500,000
4769 26 Highway, clearview, Ontario

4769 26 Highway

Clearview, Ontario

For sale $189,000
211 LAKESHORE Road, huntsville, Ontario

211 Lakeshore Road

Huntsville, Ontario

For sale $479,900
123 GRYFFIN BLUFFS Lane Unit# 20, huntsville, Ontario
For sale $900,000
0 THIRD Avenue, north bay, Ontario

0 Third Avenue

North Bay, Ontario

For sale $159,000
623 MALLORY BEACH Road, south bruce peninsula, Ontario

623 Mallory Beach Road

South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

For sale $59,000
1015 SAUNDERS Road, highlands east, Ontario

1015 Saunders Road

Highlands East, Ontario

For sale $249,900
0 MULDREW LAKE Road N, gravenhurst, Ontario

0 Muldrew Lake Road N

Gravenhurst, Ontario

For sale $275,000
N. OF 12091 RAVEN - MONA Bay, dorset, Ontario
For sale $1,150,000
N/A THIRD Avenue W, north bay, Ontario

N/a Third Avenue W

North Bay, Ontario

For sale $849,000
158310 7TH Line, meaford (municipality), Ontario

158310 7th Line

Meaford (Municipality), Ontario

Land for sale in Blue Mountains, Collingwood, and Meaford areas of South Georgian Bay Ontario

Thinking about purchasing land?

Many people buy raw land in order to develop it later, perhaps as a vacation propety or a home for retirement. Self-directed investors will sometimes purchase a lot or an acreage to hold and sell later without developing it further. What you intend to do with it and your expected return on investment will determine which type of property is most suitable for your needs.

The utility of land for sale is as varied as the geography on which it is sited. If you want to build a home, ideally the parcel will have at least one location where a home may be constructed easily without the need for dramatic changes to the topography. The shape and size of the property also need to fit your plans as these affect buildablity, resale, and enjoyment of the outdoor spaces. Ask youself how much space you need between your home and neighbours.

Some land is cheap or undeveloped for a reason. Deal-breakers can include zoning issues, poor drainage, the need for excessive fill, and environmental concerns. It’s important to research a property, from the tax assessment to zoning and planning, to ensure that it’s suitable and developable. Undevelopable land may not increase significantly in value over time.

The cost to develop land can vary from county to county. The most significant start-up costs are water, sanitation, power, and other utilities. Some of these can be mitigated through the use of off-grid strategies such as septic systems, water wells, and solar power. If these alternative systems are allowed in the zoning, the owner-builder is well-situated for an eco-friendly house.

Carrying costs until you build, or for the duration of your buy-and-hold investment, will include property taxes. Check with the tax department to make sure there are no surprises as land is taxed at different rates depending on use.

Financing your owner-built home is not difficult if you have good credit and have at least 50% equity in the property. For people who aspire to get on the property ladder, an inexpensive piece of land can be purchased and paid down with relatively low monthly payments until the homeowners are ready to build. For some, this is a wonderful opportunity to create value early in their savings regime while being able to look forward to a new home at some point in the future.

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