What is off-grid living?

When a property is self-sufficient for energy, water, and sanitation, or not connected to traditional utilities, it’s generally referred to as ‘off the grid’. Some off-grid homes are specially constructed to eliminate the need for public utilities while others, such as cottages, may be refitted with the necessary equipment. Energy is just component of off-grid buildings but it is the primary concern for people interested in transitioning from an on-grid lifestyle.

Why live off-grid?

Buyer may choose off-grid living for a number of reasons. For example, off-grid buildings can reduce environmental impact from the use of solar, wind, and micro-hydro. Producing electricity on-site and avoiding water bills by using a well can lower living costs. For owner-builders, lots without access to utilities are often discounted when compared to lots serviced by public utilities. Energy-independence gives buyers more flexibility for privacy and location.

Successful off-grid living

Off-grid systems, such as power and water, generally use a combination of techniques and technologies to reliably generate electricity, reduce costs, and minimize inconvenience. These systems are considered holistic because everything works together as a unit. Back-up systems take over when there is a problem to avoid interruption of services. Day-to-day living is easier and more efficient when an off-grid home is purpose built to be independent.

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For sale $329,000
83 LOON LAKE Lane, magnetawan, Ontario

83 Loon Lake Lane

Magnetawan, Ontario

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 840
For sale $499,000
1616 SALERNO LAKE Road, irondale, Ontario

1616 Salerno Lake Road

Irondale, Ontario

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 768
For sale $599,000
204 TROUT LAKE W/A, mcdougall, Ontario

204 Trout Lake W/a

Mcdougall, Ontario

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1001
For sale $199,900
1160 RIVERSIDE Drive, britt, Ontario

1160 Riverside Drive

Britt, Ontario

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 296
For sale $539,900
1358 GIBSON RIVER Shore, georgian bay, Ontario

1358 Gibson River Shore

Georgian Bay, Ontario

1 Bathroom 607
For sale $149,900
0 518 Highway, seguin, Ontario

0 518 Highway

Seguin, Ontario

For sale $1,299,000
2 ISLAND 20 / SAWDUST Island, georgian bay, Ontario

2 Island 20 / Sawdust Island

Georgian Bay, Ontario

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1517
For sale $599,000
0 LEE Lane, port loring, Ontario

0 Lee Lane

Port Loring, Ontario

For sale $1,250,000
142 NIPISSING Road, rosseau, Ontario

142 Nipissing Road

Rosseau, Ontario

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 858
For sale $359,000
LT 12 14 Concession E, tiny, Ontario

Lt 12 14 Concession E

Tiny, Ontario

1 Bathroom 672
For sale $1,095,000
794 518 Highway, seguin, Ontario

794 518 Highway

Seguin, Ontario

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1061
For sale $329,000
20 GOOSENECK Lake, whitestone, Ontario

20 Gooseneck Lake

Whitestone, Ontario

1 Bedroom 336

Resources for off-grid homes

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Solar photovoltaics

  • Solar panels convert energy from the sun into electrical energy that can be stored in batteries and thermal storage systems. These systems give off-grid sites the ability to generate energy without grid connection.

Wind turbines

  • Wind turbines capture the motion of the wind and convert it to electricity. The amount of mechanical power captured from a wind turbine is a factor of the wind speed, air density, blade rotational area, and the aerodynamic power coefficient of the turbine.


  • This method uses a water turbine that is propelled by moving water. Small scale micro-hydro can use turbines in rivers with constant levels of water. Micro-hydro has potential to power homes and small communities, making a great off-grid choice.


  • When renewables produce energy that is not currently needed, the electrical energy is usually directed to charge an off-grid battery system. This solves intermittency issues caused by the non-constant production of renewables and allows for variations in building loads.

Hybrid energy systems

  • In order to protect against intermittency issues and system failures, many off-grid homeowners create hybrid energy systems. These combine traditional renewables like solar, wind, micro-hydro, batteries or even generators.

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