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What is a luxury home in today’s market?

Although the definition of luxury is subjective and varies with local markets, the term generally refers to the top 10% of the market in price. The definition of luxury goes beyond high-end interior finishes such as professional kitchens and customized closets. Traditional buyers of luxury homes want places that speak to the individual and a lifestyle; that invoke a special sentiment by offering prestige, exclusivity, or enduring fantasy.

Custom architectural design stands out as the most recognizable feature in luxury homes. The property presents well and features the necessary amenities to nourish the senses. Interior and exterior spaces become works of art that resonate with the occupants. The home designer aims to create well-considered spaces and structural details so that the property is an inspirational framework to stimulate, calm, and provide security.

Bespoke design and craftsmanship is relatively rare due to the high cost of employing artisans in the medias of wood, stone, and glass. Their work is more than the assembly of parts; it is produced concert to create spaces that have maximum usability, connectedness, and longevity. The result is a model of extraordinary quality that ages gracefully for generations.

While many homes have features that are considered luxury amenities, such as media rooms and indoor pools, the best homes demonstrate humanistic values and perspectives. Dedicated rooms for personal pursuits, such as hobbies, fitness, and culture are considered minimum standards. Smart and sustainable homes become an automated cocoon of comfort and convenience that acquires a patina of love and family.

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