Be prepared for your photoshoot

There’s no question that Professional Photos and Videos Sell Your Home. In todays modern real estate market the majority of home buyers start their search online, and like most things, its important to make a good first impression. 

The Blue Mountain Property team places a lot of importance on real estate photography and video marketing to help promote and sell a home.

Before the photographer arrives, there are a few things that you should do to prepare your home. We’ve put together this list of tips to prepare your home for the best real estate photos possible.

As you work your way through preparing your home for photography, remember this: De-personalize your living space. By de-personalizing your home, you allow potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home. They’re able to see through your stuff and begin to imagine how their life will fit into your living space.

Professional Photos and Videos Sell Your Home – Lets get started

When setting up your listing and promotional materials its important that we create a listing that is attractive and looks professional.

There are many benefits of having great looking photos. None more important that the likelihood that your property will receive more views and more offers which could lead to the possibility that you may sell at a higher price.

The more you do to prepare your home before our photographer arrives, the better your photos and videos are going to look.

Things to do outside

The outdoor photos will be the first images that your potential home buyer views, so it’s important to tidy the driveway and yard to prepare it. Move vehicles away from driveway and house, particularly if aerial photos are to be taken. Close garage doors and close all windows, sweep paths and walkways and arrange your garden furniture so that it looks tidy.

Things to do inside

In all of your living areas, be sure to replace burned out lightbulbs, empty garbage containers and de-clutter/remove personal items and family photos. Put away or tidy all children or pet toys, dust or wipe surfaces and vacuum or sweep all floor areas.

In the Kitchen and Dining areas remove all items from outside the refrigerator door and store all food away in cabinets. De-clutter counters and stove by putting away small appliances.Hide your dish soap and cleaning items as well as empty the sink of dishes and hide your draining rack. Then clean the counter surfaces and push in all dining chairs. You can also set the table for dinner to give an inviting look.

In the Bathrooms, clean the bathrooms so they sparkle, remove toiletries from counters, clean the mirrors and put away all items from your shower and/or bath tub. Don’t forget to clean the toilet and close the lid. Once you’re finished with the cleaning hang up fresh towels to complete the clean, fresh look.

In the Bedrooms, be sure to de-clutter, tidy away all shoes and clothing and make the beds. Once you’re finished, arranging a few decorative pillows on the beds is a nice finishing touch.

Remember, Professional Photos and Videos Sell Your Home. However, the photographer is hired to take the photos and make the space look good through the lens, it’s not their job to clean up the mess… and they can only do so much with a house that is in poor condition. It’s not possible to make a messy room look uncluttered in a picture so by preparing your home or property for film you will help to ensure the best results for your real estate listing.

Our Approach

In the new, high-tech real estate environment REALTORS® are not just gatekeepers, but providers of detailed market info, trusted local knowledge and professional know-how. That’s why – from our high-traffic website and Social Media efforts, to our state-of-the-art mobile marketing, to our high-exposure print ads, to all our communications with you – we make real estate info and expertise as easily accessible as possible.

What makes us different?

At Blue Mountain Property we are excited about offering the highest level of customer service to our clients. Our team members not only live, work and play here, we also take our involvement within our respective communities very seriously. When you buy or sell with us, you are not only getting the area’s most experienced and knowledgeable team, you are also leveraging our extensive network of friends, contacts and associates. We utilize leading edge technologies, marketing strategies and continue to bring you the high level of personal service, integrity and professionalism homebuyers and sellers deserve.

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