How smart phones can help you save time, energy, and money

In today’s world it only takes a smart phone, or device, and an app to make your home a smart home. Take your home into the future with ease. Add security, convenience, and savings to your homes functionality. In general terms, smart devices or apps add major benefits to your home. This is in terms of monthly bills, but also increasing the convenience you will enjoy when you are at home, or away. With smart home technology you can save energy and money in your home today. The following discussion will give you, the homeowner, something to think about when it comes to the convenience, savings, and green factor of making your home a smart home.


Waiting for a package delivery? Has someone unexpectedly entered your home? You receive report messages informing of you of everything that happens in and around your home with smart monitoring. The smart monitor apps and devices can inform you of activity around your home, at all times. These features are directly connected with your home’s security system and provide you with notifications, informing you in real-time if there is any abnormal activity.

Water Use Control

With smart home technology there are multiple mobile apps and smart devices that are able to track your water usage. These technologies can recognize issues with water flow. They can provide you with a report or notify you when you need a professional plumber, in the case of emergency. With this ability to monitor water flow from household taps, the technology is also able to notify you of any unusual activity. Water flow that takes place while the home is unoccupied, will be immediately notified to your mobile device. (For example let’s say you set the alarm and are out for the day, or you are on a longer vacation and a leak breaks out).

If a water leak springs, or if a backwater valve has issues – you can receive automatic notifications. This technology not only saves you money, pointing out inefficiencies in the water system within your home: it also can save you from significant damage due to flooding or other leak related damages to your home while you are away. It’s well worth your consideration.

Thermostat Control Convenience

The beginning of all smart home conveniences may have been the smart thermostat.  Automatically control air service and HVAC through the smart thermostat or right from your personal smart phone. If you left home without turning down the heat, or if you want to cool your space before you get home on a hot summer day then these devices and mobile apps can save you money. With the new smart thermostats, you can actually set occupancy sensor settings to adjust heating and cooling options. As you approach your home the hot, or cool air, is automatically switched on.

Some smart thermostat systems are even equipped with voice command. With these systems you can use voice commands. With simple instructions, such as, “lower the temperature by 3 degrees,” your thermostat will automatically adjust.


 The geofence is essentially a virtual border surrounding the premises of your home. This border, or virtual fence, performs automatic functions when occupants enter or leave the premises. This can include switching on/off the lights, or even adjusting the thermostat. So when you set the parameters of your geofence, you might consider summer and winter differences. Set your boundary settings according to the time it takes to heat or cool your home. Set your geofence by using your mobile app or use the system settings, user preferences.  For example: in winter, set the thermostat to adjust the heat when an occupant is within 10 kilometres of home.  Or, in summer set the A/C to kick in 5 kilometres from home. And, conveniently, you can sync this service with your smart phone for ease of use as well.

Blinds and Window Coverings

Your home loses most of its energy through window and door openings. Install smart window and door coverings and watch the difference immediately. During the cold Canadian winter, 30% of the warmth of your home escapes through windows and doorways . Additionally, during the warm summer months 80% of the heat your home accumulates through window and door openings. With smart blinds and window coverings, you save significantly on both winter heating and summer cooling bills.

During the winter months set automatic blind and covering settings. This allows you to benefit during the sunlight hours. You maximize on sun heat entering your home. Then, in the summer, just reverse your settings accordingly. Set your window coverings to automatically close during the hours the sun shines. Consider which hours the sun is on each side of the house directly. All these settings will help you maximize the efficiently of your home.

The smart window covering technology can even be set according to inside and outside temperature differences. This allows for personal settings that automatically evaluate winter sun warmth or insulation advantages. When the outdoor temperature is too low, the window coverings remain closed. If the temperature outside is close to inside, the sunlight is allowed in to provide additional heat to the home.


When you install smart home technology  in your home, there are initial costs attached. However, these initial investment costs quickly balance with the large number of savings. Ordinary homes lose money and energy every single day through simple inefficiencies and inability to manage.

The Canadian climate deserves special consideration, and the shoulder seasons where fluctuation in temperature can be drastic, and sudden. Having smart home technology in your residence will provide you with large savings, and additional comfort.

If you care about being green or about saving energy, smart home technology is for you. If you like saving your money month to month, then consider installing smart home technology today. You benefit from the great savings provided in summer and winter climate settings. You will enjoy the convenience of controlling your home comfort from your smart phone or tablet device.